Quarantined With Who?

Warning: starts out sounding negative but will end positively…Guaranteed or your money back!

Good Tuesday to ya! I was just working this morning, from home, alone, in my own head, all by myself, (you get where I’m going) and began to think about, again it’s tough this early, “you know this could be worse”. I began thinking about all the people I could be stuck with. How torturous this could be if I were quarantined with (fill in the blank). Then it struck me! Pow! Right in the kisser! and it hurt a little bit too, I’ll be honest. How many people in this world could fill in that blank with my name. I mean before this World Crisis, hard to grasp this concept, how many people would have dreaded being quarantined with me. Now, obviously, I like to think dreaded is much too harsh of a word, right? I’m not that bad of a guy. But then, I thought, maybe nobody would have dreaded being quarantined with me but who would have chosen to be in lock-down with me? Who would have thought that I would make life at least more bearable if not interesting, enjoyable or enriching. When you think about some of those we are stuck with, no not family and loved ones, (shame on you if you were thinking that…lol) I’m picturing our leaders and news delivery systems, who can’t, in the worst of times respect the situation we are in and STOP being “jerks” to each other, I am so disheartened and a little embarrassed. In a time when we need unity, teamwork, strength and yes I would even say nobility, we get disrespect, tearing down, attempts to disunite, vilify and belittle. It’s discouraging when we go to the only place there is to gather knowledge about were we are in this crisis, in this time, in this world and end up filled with the vile poison of bitterness, partisanship and yes, it seems, even hatred. So I look beyond now, today, this crisis and I look for leaders who inspire, unite and act nobly. From fact or fiction, past or present, earthly or spiritual and I do some situational Judo ( I know too much but I couldn’t resist). I decide to think about who I would choose to be quarantined with. I don’t know if this is an original idea. There is probably 100 youtubes out there already that are titled “Top 10 People You Choose to be Quarantined With” but it is original for me, this morning at work, from home, alone, in my own head, all by myself….So who would you choose to be quarantined with? Who in this world, or out of it, would make this time more bearable, enjoyable, interesting or enriching? What is it about those you would choose makes you want to choose them? So why is this important? Because I am going to take those characteristics I identify in those I would choose to be quarantined with and practice those traits with others. You see chances are the people we would choose are not people we could actually access. But if we choose to demonstrate those characteristics to others then we actually do make a connection…with the people we choose and can’t access directly and with those who we don’t necessarily choose but do access directly. So maybe the next time there is a World Crisis your name will be the name people would choose to be locked up with. So who would I choose? Well the first person I thought of was….

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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