Be What You Need?

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Ok, the greeting may be a little cheesy? Well I read somewhere that people are honestly forgetting what day it is so this keeps me from looking too senile and might be helpful to other as well.

So: as I lay in bed this morning the thought kept fluttering around in my headundefined and I’m left wondering, “is it possible”? Can you be what you need. Now obviously there is a metaphysical application here. I need a million bucks so I’ll just be a million bucks. Ya, don’t see that working short of some Harry Potter alternate universe imposition. Go string theory. Or is it multiverse? Or is it both? Maybe both is the same, I don’t know but I’m all for it. So: on an emotional level, spiritual level or social level can being what we need work? Take for instance: yesterday. I’m in a situation where I’m not getting any feedback from one of the places I’m trying to get work. On the site I’m just one of thousands vying for these limited jobs. It’s not that my work is not good enough, or a good fit or anything talent or production related because the jobs I’m submitting for never get filled. Hence no feedback. At least if the positions were filled I’d get feedback. So I was needing/wanting some feedback/encouragement that wasn’t available. I decided at that point( yes here it comes) to do some situational Judo. After I uploaded some work to the site I began listening to some of the other uploads. These are all people angling for the same jobs I am so I guess you could consider them competitors, I chose that morning to look at them as fellow artists. As I listened I knew that there were probably many out there experiencing the same emotional state I was in that morning, so I began to message my fellow artists and encourage them in their efforts. Just a quick note, a brief encouragement, an out of the blue how do you do, if you will. I don’t know if it reached others who were in the same boat as me. I don’t know how much it meant to the few people in the sea of thousands, but I know it did something for me. I went away from my routine daily task of submitting “work” that I probably wouldn’t get any feedback on, with a different energized perspective on my day. A new enjoyable aspect to an otherwise monotonous endeavor. Now, back to my initial question: “is it possible to be what we need”?

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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