Creativity Essential

Fabulous Funky Friday to you!

Are you forward looking today? Broadly gazing at a future of boundless opportunity,undefined

allowing limitless potential to deposit the creative energy which will charge the motivational engine of your destiny? Or In lay mans terms, slurping a cup of coffee while you sit and think about your day. undefined

That’s where I am this morning. Got my funky mug of java. Funky blues playing in the background. Funky feelin flowing through my soul. You see, I’m looking at today, tomorrow, the future as a whole and I’m wondering…am I just going to let it happen, OR, am I gonna MAKE it happen. You catch the distinction I’m sure but what is the difference? I would propose that creativity is the component that changes let to make. And creativity is a choice. Often times a very hard one. As you saw in the first couple of sentences, two situations described in two different ways. Now in my mind, the first description seems way more interesting than the second. Why? Creativity. We can choose to get up every day and look at life the same old way. Or, with a little creativity, we can make things different. Sure, it might just be a simple change of perspective, sometimes. But I offer to you that a simple change of perspective can have a ripple effect that changes lives. I shared my situation earlier in the week where I changed how I look at those who strive for the same work I do. Instead of competitors I chose, and still do, to look at them as fellow artists. I started sending out encouraging messages to these individuals I don’t even know. But now I do. Some of them anyway. I got many responses expressing appreciation and sharing how much they were encouraged. Now we have opportunity to offer feedback to each other, encouragement, suggestions, direction or just simple acknowledgement. All of which allows opportunity for additional creativity: and that provided by just a simple change of perspective. Now granted this situation means more to me than it does to you, but hopefully you will grasp the impact this can have when applied to your situation. Whatever that may be. So as the funky blues plays and my motivational engine is well charged I’m ready to grasp? no wait… grab? That’s not it either. I’m ready to attack and lay siege to my boundless opportunity filled future. Hopefully you are too. How about a funky Haiku to get you going:

undefined Dawn’s light rooster crows

Relinquished restful repose

My true self exposed

Fabulous Funky Friday to ya!

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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