The #1 Best Source of Motivation and Inspiration

Are you searching for motivation and inspiration today? Is your expenditure out pacing your stores? Do you just feel “blah” and need something more than coffee to get your motor running? Let me offer you this little trick that sometimes helps on my darkest days. Are you ready? Just go with it. Embrace it. Use it. It’s okay to get down in the dumps sometimes. It’s unrealistic and incredibly stressful to think that we can always live on the mountain top. To beat yourself up because, at this moment in time, your not living up to the unrealistic vision you have created for yourself based on the never ceasing hyper critical voice of family, friends and societal pressure is draining and unhealthy. Relax, put down the phone, unplug from the omnipresent social webbisphere and let yourself just be. It’s a really difficult thing to do sometimes because we want someone to know, to empathize or be in the dumps with us. Sometime we feel so guilty about it that we search for a magical pill, literally and figuratively, to drag us up and out. We hunt for that extrinsic “thing” which will reinvigorate us and allow us to be acceptable again to all those judging eyes.undefined

It may not be the magic pill you want but really all you might need is to allow yourself the downtime that your physical, emotional or spiritual self may be crying out for. The downtime that allows all those external voices to quiet and lets your inner voice be heard. The downtime that lets some of your deepest dreams take root and stretch towards the light undefined that has been blocked by expectations foisted upon you by others. Sometimes forests become unhealthy because all the old growth blocks the light and no healthy new growth can spring up. This can lead to huge forest fires undefined that burn away all the old and decaying growth. Then immediately a fresh, new and vibrant life begins to push it’s way up and out of the desolation caused by the burned out decay. So tend to your own garden of dreams for a change. Don’t let it be overrun by the volatile decay of others dreams and expectations. This will only bring about an inferno that scorches everyone and everything around you. Heed the voice to nurture your garden and watch as the nurturing causes growth. Be rejuvenated as that growth produces fruit. So much fruit in fact that others will be able to draw from your supplies. Or maybe all you need is a double shot green tea frappacino with extra whipped creme. You know who you are!

Be Well In All Ways!

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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