Tragic Motivation And The Inspiration Of What Really Matters

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The Motivation Of Forced Clarity

Hopefully many of you took this tragedy, isolation, social restriction, as an opportunity to really take an inward look at what in this life you truly find valuable. So many of us have been led for so long that when left without an audible, tangible, persistent and incessant call to action we are lost. Shut that voice off and direction, purpose and fulfillment is difficult to find. The rat race stresses us to the point where we need stimulants to wake us up and depressants to help us sleep. Look at what happens however, when the rat race comes to a screeching halt. The lack of what we are all told is forward progress leaves us lacking motivation, or at least what we have been taught is motivation. Making money, rewards, recognition and praise are all motivating, even entertainment is motivating. At least that’s what we have come to believe up to this point in history. But really haven’t we just been shown that all of it is mere distraction? Now don’t get me wrong, when those things are boiled down to their simplest forms, i.e. Money = food, shelter, etc. This is true motivation. But we have taken money to mean as much money as we can possibly make. We have taken shelter to mean the biggest, fanciest, best neighborhood we can finance as the goal. Food means eating out most meals and often times it’s garbage. We have to reach everyone, please everyone and get praise from everyone. We have allowed our motivations to be inflated beyond what’s important, necessary and often times possible. This to the detriment of our closest and most important motivations. Family, friends and community. Have you found alternate more realistic motivations during this time?

The Inspiration of Forced Clarity

Some of us have been fortunate enough to find a new motivation. Inspired by necessity, maybe. Inspired by desire, that’s possible too. But definitely inspired by the Forced Clarity this pandemic has made apparent to any who will but just tune in to the heartbeat of community. We should be motivated like never before to foster our communities. The need for each other, for community, is never so great as in the midst of tragedy, and the lack of community is never so obvious. As the rat race winds back up I hope that you will join with me in turning off those false motivations. Don’t allow all those things that have failed you to get control once again. Be inspired by the acts of community witnessed in this time, either personally or in another’s situation and focus moving forward on building your own strong and supportive community. When the next tragedy strikes, whether it’s world wide or personal our community will be engaged, aware, in place and mobilized to support you. Or you to support them.

Be Well In All Ways!

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