Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 2

The World Changes You

The night was pierced with a woman’s scream. Lele jumped from his moega and ran into the night. A strong smell of smoke was filling the air and a bright glow was coming from the far side of the nu’u. He ran towards the glow which was growing rapidly. Afi, afi one of the aiga was shouting as she ran away from the glow. Lele could see one of the tagate ese running from a burning fale into the night toward the tagate ese’s fagota. Lele joined together with other aiga who were already forming a line and filling pots with water. The pots were passed one to another and thrown on the afi that was quickly consuming the fale. After pouring pot after pot on the fale the afi finally went out. With all the aiga standing around Lele began to look for the fafine that was screaming and running from the fire. La’ei had been so scared that she ran far into the vaomatua and hid. The caves down by the water were covered in thick growth and were not easy to find unless you knew their place. Most of the aiga knew their place. Lele knew their place. He walked to the caves and called softly to La’ei figuring that this is where she would run. She answered softly and came out of the cave. La’ei told Lele that she had been in her fale when one of the tagate ese came in. He smelled of the bitter waters that these tagate liked to drink and was acting very rough and unsteady. He grabbed at her but La’ei was fast and ducked his grab while pushing him with her foot. The tagate ese fell into the afi stick and it set the blinds on fire. That’s when she began to run and shout. Lele was feeling something he had never felt before. The tagate ese were not good for his world. He was not sure how to keep this expanding world from hurting his aiga. The world they lived in was good for all aiga. No aiga did anything that was intentionally harmful to others or their world. How was Lele to walk in to the future now. For the first time Lele was unable to feel the rhythm of his world. Lele walked deeper in to the vaomatua listening, seeking, feeling for the lost rhythm that had been so good for him and his aiga.

After what seemed to be a time of many sunsets Lele came to the place of the falling waters. Kneeling down he drank long and deep from the pool of the fresh life giving essence. He scooped up the waters in his hand and poured them over his head trying to rinse away the rising unknown feelings of wanting to drive these tagate ese from his world. To make them get back on their fagota and not come back. But he knew they would. He knew that they might come back with more and Lele’s world would no longer follow the rhythm he knew. He did not like the thoughts that came into his head. The waters would not wash them away and he felt like he was changing into a person he never knew or wanted to be. This person however had a plan and it scared Lele like he had never been scared before.

More tomorrow…Be Well In All Ways!

Published by KSM

Husband, Father and Voice Over Artist. I love to read and reading out loud so that other's, who for whatever reason can't read at a particular time, can enjoy good books. This brings me a lot of satisfaction in life.

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