Worlds Within Worlds Pt. 3

Allowing the world to change you into someone you’re not.

Lele left the normally refreshing and life giving pool this night unable to be cleansed of the unfamiliar thoughts embedded in his mind. Lele knew he had to make these disruptive tagate ese leave. He was learning that to have positive effect in your world you need to guard what and who is able to have access. These tagate didn’t need access to the world Lele had come to know and love. Lele realized now that the world was much bigger than he had ever known and there was plenty of it for his aiga to keep theirs the way they liked it. The tagate ese needed to leave and live in the world they chose and leave they would. Lele was determined to make that happen one way or another.

As Lele walked the trail back one of the tagate from his village ran out to meet him. He seemed very distraught and was having a difficult time forming the words he was wanting to say. The best Lele could tell was the man was saying one of the teine from the villlage was not maloloina. Much like the tagate ese Lele had seen leaving the ship the litttie teine was shivering badly but her skin was very very hot. Lele followed the tagate back to his village. The little teine was not maloloina and Lele knew it was because of the tagate ese. Those feelings welled up in him anew and he resolved to do whatever it took to make them leave.

Lele called together all the revered taitai of the aiga and shared with them the feelings he was having. He explained that these tagate ese were changing their world in a way that was not good for the aiga. With great sadness he shared that he was not able to feel the rhythm of the world any longer, that there was a disharmony he could not flow in and couldn’t guide the aiga in a way that he felt was good for their world. He expressed his belief that these tagate needed to leave so that life could again find rhythm. Slowly, thoughtfully, questioningly the taitai nodded in agreement. How, was on everyone’s face and Lele admitted that the only way he could think of he didn’t like. Lele drew a picture in the dirt of the aiga doing the everyday things of normal life. He drew the naifi manoa they used to cut down the banana bunches and hack through the densest forrests. He drew the tao they used every day to spear fish, wild boar and the occasional malie in the ocean, only when the dangerous creature got to close. He drew the cherished aufana ma le u that they used to hunt from far away or in their fagotas to shoot the fish. He drew the aiga in these scenes with the smiling joy filled faces of aiga in harmony with their world. Then one by one he began to erase the smiles and replace them with frowns and teeth bared frightfully. The utensils that had drawn, held in ways that made every ones life more joyous, he drew being lifted high in a way that was to bring fear and intimidation. He even went as far as to draw one of the tagate ese with a tao sticking out of his chest. The taitai grew solemn and looked at each other sadly. But slowly began to nod as the realization of what Lela presented began to take hold and the need became clear. They would have to… what? They didn’t even have a word for what they were needing to do. They would have to become people they had never been before.

So all the taitai went back to the aiga and shared with them what they would all need to do. Everyone looked so confused and scared. Not the way Lele was used to seeing his aiga. It was a rhythm he couldn’t tap into and he truely didn’t like the feelings he got when he tried. He just kept reminding everyone that once this was done their world could go back to being in rhythm and the aiga once again could live in harmony. This is truely what Lele wanted to believe but something in him caused him to doubt. Could they ever again be the people they were after allowing this expanded world to change them into people they don’t want to be? Lele feared the truth of this.

I’ll try to wrap this up by the next post.

Bell Well In All Ways!

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