Strategic Significance

A Strategically Significant Sunday to you! Has the chess board of your mind got a few cob-webs on it? Have you possibly been in a state of mere existence, day to day, same ol’ same ol’? The autopilots kicked in and your cruising at altitude? So many of us were there, are there and, unfortunately,Continue reading “Strategic Significance”


A Spectacularly Serendipitous Saturday to ya! This morning I have had opportunity to look back. This Covid period in life has, on the one hand, been an extremely disruptive and for some devastating world impacting event. But serendipity, chance, karma or, my personal favorite, providence can, if allowed, utilize such life changing events to bringContinue reading “Serendipity”

How to Make All Work Important

The time spent contemplating, thank you Covid, has led me to come to an interesting conclusions. I spend a lot of time working. I’m sure that’s one thing that most of us have in common. Most of the time while I’m working I am thinking of the many other things I’d rather be doing. IContinue reading “How to Make All Work Important”