The #1 Best Source of Motivation and Inspiration

Are you searching for motivation and inspiration today? Is your expenditure out pacing your stores? Do you just feel “blah” and need something more than coffee to get your motor running? Let me offer you this little trick that sometimes helps on my darkest days. Are you ready? Just go with it. Embrace it. UseContinue reading “The #1 Best Source of Motivation and Inspiration”

Be What You Need?

Woo Hoo Wednesday! Ok, the greeting may be a little cheesy? Well I read somewhere that people are honestly forgetting what day it is so this keeps me from looking too senile and might be helpful to other as well. So: as I lay in bed this morning the thought kept fluttering around in myContinue reading “Be What You Need?”

How to Make All Work Important

The time spent contemplating, thank you Covid, has led me to come to an interesting conclusions. I spend a lot of time working. I’m sure that’s one thing that most of us have in common. Most of the time while I’m working I am thinking of the many other things I’d rather be doing. IContinue reading “How to Make All Work Important”